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2021 Cars Tour season preview!

The 2021 season is a little over a week away, and when the green flag is waved at Dillon a new season will commence. There is a mix of...

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About the blog

My passion for racing runs deep. Some of my earliest memories are me sitting in the floor as a small child watching the race on Sunday with my Dad. That passion, has never left me, and today it's stronger than ever. I've seen hundreds if not thousands of races, and the LMSC racing here in the Mid-Atlantic region is as good as it gets. The CARS Tour in my opinion, is one of the best things going and add to that the Virginia Triple Crown, and we have a surplus of great racing action here in our area. The purpose of this blog, is for me to fulfill a passion, and for you to stay up to date with the latest in big time LMSC racing in our area. I'm doing this from a grassroots perspective just fueled off passion, not a college degree in journalism, just a avid race fan like many of you who still gets the same butterflies every time I walk into a racetrack! Enjoy